Kate Reads

Driving Mr. Dead - Molly Harper It's been a while since I've picked up anything by Molly Harper, and now that I've finished Driving Mr. Dead, I honestly can't remember why I fell behind! This novella was a lot of fun, and a super enjoyable read.Since the setting of Driving Mr. Dead took place almost entirely on the road, this was a novella where the relationship really took center stage. This was no “instalove” scenario, it was more a situation where as the main characters the relationship got closer as they spent more time together. As they experienced one ridiculous situation after another, they learned more about each other and get pretty close in a short period of time.While Collin isn’t a vampire that I would immediately swoon over (for an example of those, see: Bones, Ethan, or Eric), as we get to know more about him, he becomes more attractive, to the reader and to Miranda. I feel like this is certainly a plausible reaction to the situation- especially if two people are thrown together like Collin and Miranda were. Miranda was great and I pretty much instantly liked her. She’s working hard to disprove everybody’s expectations of her, and her commitment to the job was admirable. I liked that she was a bit bossy at times- definitely reminds me of myself. :) I already got the next book in the series, The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, and I can’t wait to delve further into the Half Moon Hollow series, especially if it is anything like the first.