Kate Reads

Tricked - Kevin Hearne Okay, so I like Atticus. And I really enjoy Oberon, you know, the dog. But a few characters does not a book make. I want to like these books so bad- the male protagonist isn't something I read very often, I enjoy the variety, and a druid in the southwest? How different can you get? Here's the problem with reading other people's reviews after you read a book. They point out things that you didn't really notice before, and then, when you think about it, or go on to read more in the series, you notice it more and more, and it starts to drive you nuts. In this case, I'm referring to the treatment of women characters in these novels. Gah! It is surprising how one-dimensional the women characters are. I really disliked the development of the relationship between Granuaile and Atticus. He finds a person to teach, who wants to become a druid, and all he can think about is how he wants her?! For real?! Too much. The other thing that really wore on me were the incredible info dumps. I like it when authors use alternate mythologies, ones which may need some explanation, but the extent of the explanation of some of the concepts was excessive, and I sometimes wanted to skip entire pages of text.Complaints aside, I'm going to continue to read the series. The things that are annoying aren't so annoying I can't get past them to enjoy the witty dialogue and various characters. And it definitely is fun to step away from urban fantasy driven by shape shifters and vampires, too. :)