Kate Reads

And the Heart Says Whatever - Emily Gould I am so ambivalent about this book that I am not entirely sure what to say about it. I hadn't heard of Gould before I bought it, and I bought it because I like young people essays, and the title and cover were kind of cool. I ended up reading this in one sitting, not because it was riveting, but because I felt like if I could just finish it, then I could move on. Gould would mention people that, despite just having read about them a chapter earlier, were so bland that I had to go back to figure out who they were. And a lot of the book was about the sex she was having and marijuana she was smoking, which can be incorporated just fine, felt more like a "look at this crazy stuff I was doing" The timeline in the book was scattered, which also didn't help understanding. It wasn't always clear when she was having an experience, unless she mentioned the man she was with at the time. Memories seemed to blend in to each other, which I suppose is natural when a person is thinking about them, but hard to follow when you are reading it. All in all, this book wasn't terrible, but it didn't really have anything that would cause me to recommend it either. There are many better essay collections out there if that is what you enjoy.