Kate Reads

Cinder - Marissa Meyer I was super excited to read Cinder and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love fairy tales retold in different ways, and this was definitely a creative take on Cinderella. This was a very enjoyable read. I plowed through it, not really wanting to put it down, because I wanted to know how it ended. I'm looking forward to the next one, though it seems like it's going to be a while? One thing I did notice about the book was that at times it could be a little predictable. Sometimes the big reveal was obvious before it happened (there were a few occasions when this was the case). That being said, though, it wasn't a distraction or a bad thing, it just meant that while the story was trying to be a bit mysterious, it was easy to guess what was coming next. I also liked the characters. While Cinder was a bit focused on being a cyborg, and what that meant for her, her interactions with her sister and the prince gave her a depth past that internal dilemma. At the end of the day, I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anybody who likes young adult with a twist of science fiction and some dystopian action.