Kate Reads

Haunted  - Kelley Armstrong At this point, I've read quite a few of the Women of the Otherworld series (a little out of order) and I have to say that Haunted is my least favorite one. While I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Eve and Kristof better, I sometimes felt like I was just slogging through parts of this book. In my opinion, this book was far darker than other Women of the Otherworld books. It featured a demidemon who lives off chaos, and the way she got that was by helping women kill. And not just once, usually more than once. We encounter many of these women throughout the book. There are also some men serial killers as well- 6 of them in a level of hell that Eve gets trapped in for a short period of time...Overall, this was the least plausible of the series, as it mainly took place in the "ghost world"/hell and featured the Fates, angels and other ghosts. It was nice to see Eve grow up, but it would have been better as a sub-plot in another story, in my opinion, with less descriptions of murders.