Kate Reads

Jack with a Twist: Engaging Your Adversary and Other Things They Don't Teach You in Law School (Brooke Miller, #2) - Brenda Janowitz This book was truly ridiculous. The main character, Brooke, came off as lazy, immature and whiney. I wanted her to talk to her fiancé about what was going on in her head about their relationship and what she was feeling, but she didn't. And when she did say anything, he ignored her or brushed off her concerns. Maybe, if I had read the first book and already knew the characters and was more invested in their story, I would have enjoyed it more, but as a stand-alone book, I would definitely not read it again or recommend it to anybody. The language was young and will be dated fairly quickly. There were frequently places in the book where "like" was used colloquially not to the benefit of the sentence it was in. All in all, would not recommend that you waste your time on this book.